Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2021.2.27.0 Crack With Full Version

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise free

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2021.2.27.0 + License Key 2022 Torrent Download

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise free

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) Full Crack combines all remote connections into a single platform that users and the entire team may safely share. RDM is a remote access Swiss Army knife, with support for hundreds of integrated technologies such as multiple protocols and VPNs, as well as built-in enterprise-grade password management tools, global and granular-level access controls, and robust mobile apps to complement Windows and Mac desktop clients.

RDM allows IT departments to improve company security, speed, and efficiency while reducing inefficiencies, costs, and risks. Detailed reports can be used to examine an organization’s information security and improve privileged account access management. The beauty of Remote Desktop Manager is that it makes it simple to set up many remote connections that are securely shared among users in a centralized vault, allowing you to access them all at once and switch between PCs quickly.

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Highlights:

  • Window X.
  • A faster and safer solution.
  • LogMeIn.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP).
  • Sun VirtualBox.
  • FTP (File Explorer, Filezilla and WinSCP).
  • Radmin Visor.
  • VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi, and VMware vSphere.
  • Microsoft Virtual PC.
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual PC.
  • VNC (UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, and embedded).
  • SonicWall Global VPN Client.
  • Share your remote connection settings in the company database.
  • TeamViewer.
  • Cisco VPN Client.
  • Microsoft Virtual Server.
  • Track user activity with database logs.
  • Microsoft Remote Assistance.
  • Available as a single license, multi-license pack, global license, or site license.
  • Dameware Mini Remote Control.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Save your credentials and passwords in the database.
  • Symantec PC anywhere.
  • Citrix XenApp (ICA).
  • Putty (SSH, Telnet, RAW and rLogin).


Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise free crack

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise latest version

Main Features Of Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise License Key:

Automatically Launch Connections:

  • Establish highly secure connections to privileged sessions, remote servers, virtual machines, websites, and apps rapidly and easily from a single platform.
  • Connect to remote servers, systems, applications, and websites with a single click, instantaneously injecting credentials.
  • Save your privileged account credentials directly in your session, user vault, or database to simplify automatic login.
  • Combine many connections into a single window to reduce desktop clutter.
  • Use the quick connect option to quickly connect to a remote machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC, or a web page; simply enter a hostname or IP address to get started.

Supported Technologies:

  • VPN connection management is integrated with Microsoft Cisco, SonicWall, and IPSec VPN, as well as a variety of add-ons from Nortel, Avaya, and Watchguard, to mention a few.
  • Among the technologies supported are Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol, Citrix, VMware, Web, Virtual Protocol Network, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH, and others.
  • Among the more than 60 add-ons available are SecureCRT, Ammyy, and 2xClient.
  • The connections supported are RDP, RemoteFX, RealVNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC, ICA, HDX, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, RGS, DameWare, Radmin, pcAnywhere, Telnet, RAW, login, XWindow, and Hyper-V.

Easy Session Sharing:

  • To increase security and make sharing easier, utilize credential injection when sharing sessions.
  • Users are provided credentials automatically; they cannot compromise data because they never have access to or knowledge of plain text credentials.
  • Share all of your remote sessions with your entire team fast and securely using a centralized vault.
  • You can manage, delegate, and filter user access to privileged accounts using role-based access management.
  • You may quickly share your vault with your colleagues over the Internet, Intranet, or a private cloud.

Mobile Access:

  • Wherever you are using your smartphone, you may retrieve passwords and authorize requests.
  • The app is available for Android and iOS and is free.
  • Connect to your remote servers, virtual machines, and other workstations quickly and easily with just a single tap.

Offline Access:

  • Remote workers that need to access the database from home, the road, or any other virtual place would benefit from this feature.
  • To connect offline, no VPN connection is required.
  • Integrated management capabilities enable you to transmit specific instructions, actions, or scripts to one or more workstations using the Command Line, PowerShell, PSExec, or WMI.
  • The integrated Hyper-V, Terminal Server, Citrix XenServer, and VMware dashboards provide a quick overview of the status of your machine and enable you to do administrative tasks such as starting, stopping, pausing, and saving instance states. Numerous of them also support RDP and thumbnail previews.
  • All three cloud consoles from Amazon Ec2, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Azure Table Storage are connected.
  • Out-of-band management capabilities for Intel AMT are integrated, enabling remote console asset access even when machines are powered down.

Audit Trail:

  • Maintain a log of each user action to ensure accountability and transparency for all privileged account password-related activities.
  • All events relating to privileged account operations should be recorded, including login attempts and history.
  • You can rapidly discover who did what, when they did it, and where they did it with a password.
  • Utilize advanced search tools to quickly filter out and view only logs of specified events.

Activity Log:

  • Run and export your reports from the command line; save this functionality as a shortcut or a batch file, and then run it from the Windows task scheduler.
  • Save your report as a CSV file for future use.
  • Create extensive access logs to keep track of privileged user behavior.

Real-Time Connection:

  • For a variety of sessions, such as RDP, TeamViewer, embedded PuTTY, and more, see who is connecting in real-time.

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